Money and our mental health

I want to highlight this website resource:

Many of the people I work with are experiencing challenges around money.

Sometimes this is because of the increasing difficulties in accessing benefits, or because of a lack of paid work and/or being underpaid at work, or due to pre-existing debt. The people I meet through my work with problem-gambling often tell me that they started gambling in the hope of getting extra money to pay off debts and/or to meet a new financial challenge, liking needing to replace their car. The financial debt that problem-gambling can often create then becomes a trigger in itself to gamble more, in the hope of winning enough money to pay off the gambling debt.

All these situations can be extremely stressful and can feel shaming, so I want to draw people’s attention that there is help and advice out there and encourage people to ask for help. Please have a look at the Money and Mental Health website or Money Saving Expert guide to mental health and debt:
or ring the National Gambling Helpline: 0808 8020 133 if you are concerned about problem-gambling (yours or that of someone close to you).