Changing supervisor

A recent article about changing clinical supervisors is available in the June 2019 issue of Therapy Today (Bean, L. and Perkins, K. 2019. Time to Change? Therapy Today 30:5). The article is currently only available to BACP members but it is worth checking out as it provides a useful outline of what we can expect from our clinical supervisors and/or what we should be offering as clinical supervisors. I particularly liked this:

“A good enough supervisor:

  • has up-to-date skills, knowledge and expertise in our therapeutic modality
  • can speak about differences in thinking and approach in a spirit of enquiry and non-judgement (especially if from a different therapeutic modality)
  • validates our work and challenges both thinking and practice
  • conducts meetings in an atmosphere of respect, openness and curiosity that encourages our development1
  • demonstrates attunement to us
  • maintains boundaries and focus
  • canvasses for and accepts feedback.”

It also provides a handy list of BACP resources relating to supervision.