Another new year (new decade, even), another new you?

The short answer: No.

However, I came across an article in today’s Observer newspaper that has some suggestions about building self-esteem in the current you…

I’m a great fan of therapeutic writing, which is one of the suggestions.

I’m also pleased that the article encourages us to embrace our bad moods without judging ourselves for having the bad moods: we are allowed to feel like crap. The key is to explore why we are feeling like crap – what are our emotions trying to tell us? And do we need to do anything about it? Maybe not… or, at least, not right now.

The author also proposes that if are skilled at labelling our emotions, we can soften their impact. We are encouraged to be more precise in how we identify our emotions, so I’ve included an image (below) based on Plutchick’s Wheel of Emotions, as a prompt to explore the different words for the way we feel.

Be gentle with yourselves…Happy 2020!