We’re off to OffGrid…

For the third year in a row, my partner and I are off to OffGrid to spend time with people doing great stuff, dance to some great bands, and run some workshops.

We are running two workshops that we did last year, plus a new one about loss, grief, trauma and building resilience.

Here’s a link to our flyer:OG18_3workshops

Here’s a link to the support organisations leaflet we distribute at OffGrid: support_organisations_offgrid2018

Here are the workshop details:
People Care: Three Workshops Building Resilience
(in the struggle for another, better, world)

It’s good to talk! These are faciltated, participatory discussion workshops, not lectures. We live in a crazy & fast changing world, and the often toxic and harmful nature of much social media interaction only serves to heighten our sense of alienation & isolation.
At Off-Grid 2018 we’ll all find a range of activities, experiences & approaches that together offer us a holistic approach to ‘people care’. A key part of that is collective discussion & debate, in a respectful, open & supportive way – tackling issues & life experiences that can derail both our lives and dreams…and finding solutions!
Whilst these three workshops are connected, each one is a stand alone event.
So come along to one, two or all three of the workshops…you choose!

Off-Grid venue – The Nourish Tent
Fri 10th at 2:30 – 4:00pm:
Activist Burnout – what is it & what can we do about it?
We’ll collectively define burnout; sharing our experiences, we’ll identify the signs it’s approaching, and work out ways together to avoid it, or at least lessen its impact!

Sat 11th at 11:30 – 1:00pm:
Activism and Alcohol – a Recipe for Fun, or Disaster?
We’ll look at the pros & cons of alcohol in the activist context; consider who gains most from the relationship between social movements & the alcohol industry; and ask what alternatives there may be? Drinkers, non-drinkers & occassional tiplers all welcome.

Sun 12th at 11:30 – 1:00pm:
Loss, grief, trauma, change and resilience – a discussion
We’ll collectively identify the varied experiences of loss, grief, trauma & change; and consider how we can best cope with and respond to them, to sustain our dreams and struggles for a better life & world.

Please arrive on time!
Because of the potentially personal nature of these discussions, and the flow of the workshop, it can be difficult to integrate latecomers into the workshops.